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Hello we are, Filtrum

About Filtrum

Our Vision

Our Mission

Filtrum Autocomp Pvt. Ltd. offers a complete one-stop solution for Filtration Industry.

We at Filtrum are completely dedicated to our mission of providing the best, holistic solution to our customers in the shortest lead time.


Our core expertise includes rapid tooling and product development, and customization to serve a variety of product applications in sheet metal, rubber, plastics, electronics, etc.

Filtrum has unique facility of Deep-Draw and Critical Stampings for all type of metals in manufacturing tools and we possess expertise in the same



  • Integrity: Do what you say/commit and always speak the truth

  • Ethical behavior: Shall not give and accept bribes in any form

  • Respect for others. Treat others in a way that he/she shall not be offended

  • Follow processes/systems in the company to its intent

  • Prioritize the work of employees to obtain the best results

  • Ensure that we have the best-in-class productivity

  • Make our products available in all the market at all times

  • To have products/technology ahead of demand and fit for market

  • Use TOC principles as the only way of managing organization

Our History

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We Practice What we Believe

  • On - time delivery for both external and internal customers

  • Pro - quality mindset - doing right the first time - every time with no rework

  • Waste reduction attitude in time, cost, manpower and other resources

  • Continuous improvement culture through new work processes and new technologies

  • Strong teamwork and co - operation spirit among workers, sections, departments, locations and organization


Clarity : Ensure availability through Buffer Management


Commitment : Ensure Faster New Product Development through Project Management.


  • Ahead of customer expectations.

  • Capacity Ahead demand

  • Capability : Built In Reliable Products & Services.

Why Filtrum


  • Filtrum businesses continuously strive on enhancing the Reliability in our products, systems, people & all aspects of the business processes. Reliability at Filtrum is a holistic approach achieving Simplicity from Complexity. We build the products & processes understanding the customer usage conditions & needs. We possess the capability to build products to Global Standards. Best Practices like Design of Experiments and Six Sigma are extensively used at Filtrum.

Supply Chain Management

  • Unique Replenishment Model (URM) Buffer management of Raw Material and Finished Goods, eliminates forecasting, consumption-based model.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

  • Capacity ahead of demand

  • Manage variation in demand using URM

  • Guaranteed availability to customers as per demand, with the shortest lead-time.

Rapid New Product Development

Filtrum commits on delivering products & services on aggressive timelines and 'Right First Time',exceeding customer expectations. Filtrum has developed it’s unique,'Filtrum Project Management System' [FPMS] to develop new products faster than the customer expectations.


New product development at Filtrum focuses on 'Advanced Product Quality Planning'. Structured &Systematic approach through stage wise project planning, execution, monitoring, control & review with focus on 'Progress' enables us to meet our customers expectations.

Quality Certifications

  • IATF 16949 : 2016 and Crisil Financial long-term rating as stable A-

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